• (2022) Alternative & Creative After School Activities & Ideas

    After school clubs can be a great way to enrich a child’s day by helping them to learn skills and have even better socialisation. After school activities can also forge lifelong positive traits in a child to help them to have better discipline as well as time management skills and team skills. Looking for after school club ideas? You’re in the right place.

  • (2022) Circle Time Activities & Ideas for Early Years & Preschoolers

    When kids are in their early years, it can be an incredibly rewarding time to aid their development as they get ready for ‘big school’ through a rich array of preschool activity ideas.

  • (2022) Holiday Club Activities & Ideas For Kids

    The holidays are here, the kids have arrived – so what next? Holiday club activities not only keep the kids entertained, but it can be really rewarding to work alongside them to see what their imagination is able to weave and produce.

  • (2022) After School Club Legal Requirements & Early Years Qualifications

    Finding out the legalities surrounding opening up an after school club can be challenging (or just downright boring!).

  • (2022) Complete Guide to Wraparound Childcare & Best Practices

    Wraparound childcare is a unique and effective way for children to receive the help they need (and deserve) at a school, daycare centre or after school club. It is different from traditional methods of providing children who need extra help and support as it takes a holistic approach to care.

  • (2022) Funding For After School Clubs: Complete Guide

    Seeking funding for after school clubs can seem like an overwhelming task unless you know where to look.

  • (2022) Fun Kids’ Afternoon Tea Ideas

    You don’t get much more British than an Afternoon Tea! And why ask the kids to wait till they are adults to enjoy this fun activity. Organising an afternoon tea at your after school club or daycare is a great activity to get them excited about coming to your club.

  • (2022) Easy & Fun Fundraising Ideas For Kids

    Although there are many fundraising ideas you can do exclusively for the parents and local residents, choosing kid-friendly events to involve the children can help you bond with their families. Some of these fundraising ideas are great for any time of year, and some are fun stall ideas for fetes or local gatherings in your home town.

  • (2022) Leuven Scales Best Practices To Improve Engagement & Well-Being

    Child engagement and good mental well-being are paramount to good childcare. And knowing what tools to use to improve these factors is the key to understanding where to focus your efforts to gain the best outcome for the children.

  • (2022) After School Club Resources to Follow

    The best after school clubs give their kids a chance to explore new things, meet new children and gain confidence. As an after school program doesn’t have to meet certain learning criteria that are required during regular school hours, you can be creative when finding ways to enhance their development and inspire them in new ways.

  • (2022) After School Club Insurance: What You Should Know

    One of the less exciting parts about running a childcare business is organising after a school club insurance. Although this isn’t as fun as playing with the kids or ordering new play equipment, out of school clubs need insurance should anything go belly up.

  • (2022) Encouraging child initiated play

    For young children, play isn’t just a fun activity, it’s a critical learning experience! With 80% of brain development completed at three years old and up to 90% at five, play is the foundation of this development.

  • (2022) School Breakfast Club Regulations to Know

    The school breakfast club regulations can be a little ambiguous. Nevertheless, if you are running a kids’ club, you need to ensure you do your research to ensure you are operating within the law and under the Ofsted rules.

  • (2022) Heuristic Play - Resources, Benefits, and Top Tips

    Everyone knows that play is central to children’s learning. Play comes in a variety of forms including but not limited to physical, constructive, social and imaginative. Heuristic play is a type of physical play that babies and toddlers can enjoy daily. It is an investigative model of playing for young children, and is both enjoyable and meaningful.