“I absolutely love it, the time, paper and pressure saved by joining Kids Club HQ has been unbelievable. I love it, the staff love it, and most importantly, the parents love it”
Beki Bulmer
PT Childcare

Cut the admin, stop the stress.

See how your club could run smoothly with Kids Club HQ.

52_Planning_financial_budget (1).png Managing an out of school club is no small feat, especially regarding the tricky topic of pricing. From setting up different rates for various sessions to planning discounts for early bookings, siblings, or staff, getting the numbers right is crucial. If you’re working out your pricing with pen and paper or you’ve faced challenges with rigid systems that turn pricing updates into a nightmare then read on to see how Kids Club HQ can help.

The Old Hassle: Static Pricing Systems

Does adjusting session costs or setting up discounts mean hours wrestling with spreadsheets, makeshift systems, or making ad-hoc announcements on social media? Whether you’re operating without a formal system or burdened with a semi-functional one, the stress of potential errors and time-consuming updates is a common challenge.

This is where Kids Club HQ can help. Our automated booking system is tailored to clubs like yours, streamlining pricing adjustments and reducing administrative hassles. Our user-friendly platform fits your needs, whether you’re transitioning from informal methods or seeking an upgrade. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and embrace a simplified, efficient process, giving you peace of mind and freeing your time for what truly matters.

Introducing Dynamic and Flexible Pricing

We understand that every club is unique and that each pricing structure needs to reflect that. Here’s how Kids Club HQ directly responds to your frequently asked questions and makes your life easier:

  1. Flexible Discount Options: Whether it’s incentivising early bookings or offering sibling or staff discounts, setting these up is a breeze. Do you want to reward parents for booking in advance? Or need different discount rates for staff children? No problem.

    We’ve added this functionality not just to offer reduced pricing; but to create an organised structure that automatically applies these incentives, ensuring your club operations are smooth and hassle-free.

  2. Session-Specific Pricing: As a club, you might offer a pricing system where regular sessions and ad-hoc sessions don’t have to have the same rates. With Kids Club HQ, you can easily differentiate between the two, encouraging more parents to opt for regular sessions, streamlining your planning, and guaranteeing a steady flow of bookings.

  3. Scheduled Pricing Updates: Planning a price change on a specific date, e.g. the 1st of April? Schedule it in advance with Kids Club HQ! Our system allows you to set the desired date for your new pricing to kick in, eliminating the last-minute rush to update fees. Making these transitions feel seamless and transparent to club managers as well as parents.

Going beyond just pricing solutions.

Kids Club HQ goes beyond just solving pricing issues; we help your club upgrade your entire payment process. Here’s how:

Automated Billing and Reminders: Forget chasing payments. Our system can automate your billing process and send out reminders to parents, ensuring that your accounts are up-to-date without the need to chase invoices.

Comprehensive Income Reports: With detailed income reports, you’re always in the know about your club’s financial performance. These automated reports can help you to reduce time spent on payment follow-ups, allowing for a focus on core operational activities.

Combined Session Discounts: Do you run a breakfast club and an after-school club? Does your pricing model offer discounts for combined sessions to encourage higher attendance? Kids Club HQ can help integrate this pricing change to reflect on your system, eliminating the headache of manual calculations.

Run your club with confidence

Kids Club HQ empowers you to run your club, your way. By eliminating the technical barriers associated with dynamic pricing and streamlining your administrative tasks, you get to spend more time doing what you do best: providing a nurturing club experience for children.

Are you ready to say goodbye to the days of pricing hassles and administrative chaos? It’s time to change the way you manage your out of school club. If you are looking for some tips on how to effectively price your offerings.

Click below to download our free guide which can help you to get your pricing right.

Make sure you get the most out of your offering. Remember, with simplicity, flexibility, and control, you’re not just managing; you’re excelling.