About us

Show admin the door!

Imagine if you could just get on with running your club without spending hours on admin.

Safeguarding children is a really important part of the job that creates admin in itself but there’s so much more to it; managing bookings, registers, invoices, chasing payments, the list goes on…

Parents don’t like admin either…

After spending hours completing registration and booking forms for my daughters after school club and holiday club, filling in the same information each time, I finally snapped and asked the big question:

"Why don’t you have an online system for doing this?!!"

The answer surprised me - the truth was that they wanted a system but couldn’t find any software that fit their business. The software they found did too much (and cost too much!) or did too little to be useful.

We’ve got your back

I founded my software company, Joined-up Solutions, in 2005 and have been making a living building web sites, mobile apps and custom web-based systems for all sizes of business. The experience from implementing many successful projects meant I knew exactly how to make it work.

Putting 2 and 2 together, it was a no-brainer. I decided that we needed to build the software to make out of school clubs lives easier - and the lives of the parents!

Since then we’ve been working with each new customer to ensure that Kids Club HQ is the best software for managing your out of school club.

If you’re looking to show your admin the door, get in touch or book a demo using the buttons below. We’d love to find out more about your clubs!