I was worried about how much a system for managing our club would cost and whether it would do what we needed without changing how we work.What we needed was a system that worked with our existing setup but took away as much of the admin as possible, without costing the earth.Kids Club HQ has proved to be very affordable and has made my life a lot easier! It’s dramatically cut the time we spend on admin and our parents now find it much easier to book.

Michael Vinluan

FACE Holiday Club

Admin. It’s not what you got into this for is it?

But it’s a necessary evil. Ofsted requirements for quotas and record keeping mean that you need to keep a close eye on how many have booked, who’s booked and their emergency contact details. Not to mention any allergies, medical conditions or Special Educational Needs the kids have.

So, you spend hours and hours getting your booking forms just right, diligently adding each child to the register, chasing up Childcare Voucher payments and dealing with all the queries and changes from parents.

  • What if you didn’t have to worry about dealing with paper or scanned booking forms?
  • What if the children that had been booked were automatically there in your registers?
  • What if you could spend more time on marketing or working with the kids and a lot less on admin?

That’s where we come in.

Kids Club HQ lets you do more of what you should be doing

Kids Club HQ dramatically reduces your admin burden by providing:

  • Easy online booking for your parents and carers
  • An administration system that makes it easy to manage your bookings and customer detail
  • Registers automatically up to date the second a child is booked onto a club
  • Reports to show you how you’re doing

Who's using Kids Club HQ?