Extra Curricular & Sports Clubs


You must love being the creator of so much fun!

Kids have such an amazing array of extra curricular activities to choose from:

  • arts and crafts,
  • drama,
  • languages,
  • dance,
  • gymnastics,
  • martial arts,
  • team sports,
  • instruments,
  • orchestra and band rehearsals,
  • swimming,
  • cooking
  • and many more…

They’re so lucky to have you.

Watching them develop their individual skills or teamwork must be very satisfying. And seeing them develop all those less measurable elements that make outside school learning so important, like; self discipline, making different friends, independence and self confidence.

Of course, you work really hard to make sure the children at your clubs are safe and happy. So all they need to do is concentrate on their learning, training and having fun.

But are you having fun?

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 Yes, when you're working with the kids.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 Yes, when you're developing your business.

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017 But we're fairly sure it's a no, when it comes to the day-to-day admin.

That’s where Kids Club HQ comes in. Your life simplifier.

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Full clubs and full control

Maximising your business potential means running your club at full capacity. How long do you spend juggling bookings, managing registers and figuring out how to incorporate your latest sales incentives?

Kids Club HQ gives you those hours back by putting everything in one place. There’s all the features you’d expect, like automatic registers and payment reminders. But we’ve added in other layers, so it really does what you want it to do.


You might want to offer places to previous club goers first, before opening them up to everyone. Kids Club HQ has a privacy option, so you can keep applications between you and the families with preferential status. Then you can use our Customer Messaging to email parents/carers that committed to the previous term, with a private booking link to the new sessions.

Kids Club HQ has a discounting system built in, so you can easily send other types of offers, like

  • sibling discounts,
  • early booking,
  • offer codes

And cross–selling other clubs that might be of interest.

This doesn’t generate a massive bookkeeping headache at the other end because it’s part of the design.

Easy to book and pay online

Instead of your multiple forms and spreadsheets, Kids Club HQ puts the onus for information gathering onto parents/carers. From their phone, they can:

  • input all the information you need to be compliant
  • book the sessions they want
  • pay online when they book
  • are able to update any details themselves

At any point, they can log in and see when their children are with you and if they owe you any money. All without any need to phone, message or email you…imagine!

Pricing flexibility

If you’ve got a club that’s up and running, but has some spaces left, you can just use the pro-rata pricing option. Parents and carers just pay for the remaining sessions for that term. Fair deal for the adults, fuller club sessions for you, and more children having fun – an all-round winner.


Seriously think about how much time you spend putting your registers together every week. After all the cancellation calls and requests for a place, it’s a two-step process at the very least.

Now, how long is that over a half term, term, year?

Kids Club HQ turns this into an automatic process. A booking is made, or cancelled, and the register for that session is updated within your system. You can use this as an electronic register that the adults can sign in and out of using a club tablet. Or you can print it out and ‘take a register’ old school.

And that’s just one annoying job that we can do for you. You’ve already jumped through so many policy hoops to get your club up and running. Let’s make the rest of the admin as painless as possible.

What else can an investment in Kids Club UK do for you and your business?

Start your free trial and find out.