Holiday Clubs, Camps & Playschemes

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You give parents/carers the vital childcare they need during the school holidays. And you make sure that the kids at your playscheme, club or camp have a great time. Which makes dropping them off (and the ever-present guilt!) soooooo much easier because they’re raring to go.

What’ll make your work life easier? (Apart from a £1 million anonymous donation and a celebrity endorsement!!)

For starters, Kids Club HQ gives you:

  • Online booking that parents/carers can do themselves
  • Automatically updated registers
  • Online payment

That gives your business more of, well, you. Your time. To invest wherever you want.

Staff ratios

Your staff to child ratios are crucial to maintaining your excellent level of health and safety, and child welfare. Being as flexible as possible for parents/carers to chop and change their hours is a highly valued aspect of your provision. But marrying these two elements effectively can be quite tricky and time-consuming.

Your Kids Club HQ online booking system streamlines the practicalities. Parents/carers can book the days and sessions they need, without having to discuss it with you. Last minute changes or cancellations are simple.

Then it’s easy to plan the exact number of staff you need.

Flexible payment

Online payment is very popular with parents/carers, as well as our customers. No more faffing around finding exactly the right amount of cash to put in an envelope. They book and pay at the same time, from their couch, on their mobile. And you get paid on time.

This doesn’t mean you can’t accept Tax Free Childcare, Childcare Vouchers and other offline payments. They’re all integrated into the system. But you won’t need to face as many awkward ‘no, you haven’t paid actually’ conversations. Kids Club HQ sends automatic reminders for overdue payments.

Your Credit Control area shows you who owes what and how long their debt has been unpaid. Crucial information for your business’s cashflow. You can even co-ordinate all your discount offers!

Imagine having all that information, altogether, at your fingertips.

Save time and hassle

You know all that time you invest into painstakingly creating registers? Kids Club HQ does it automatically, as bookings are made, so you just have to print it off. Or get parents/carers to sign in on your tablet.

You need to keep up-to-date records of all the children you care for. This usually means lots of passing information at drop-off and pick-up times, or messages you need to sort through. With Kids Club HQ, parents/carers update the information about their children themselves. New address details, suddenly discovered allergies or additional phone numbers can all be sorted without any input from you.

Having one centralised, secure place for all your separate admin necessities streamlines your workload. Your time is better spent on extending your provision and growing your business.

See how well it suits your set-up, with a demo.