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Get your thinking caps on! We here at Kids Club HQ have the ultimate GK questions for kids with answers.

Children’s minds are full to the brim with bright ideas and inquisitive imaginations – and these basic GK questions for kids will test their knowledge on four unique topics: Science, Geography, Maths, and History…basically all the good stuff they learn at school!

But how well have they been listening in class? It’s time to put their minds to the test. Let’s go.

Why are general knowledge tests so important?

Tests and quizzes shouldn’t be boring. In fact, GK quizzes like ours are learning disguised as fun!

Here are four key reasons why general knowledge tests are so important:

  • Helps them discover what subjects they love most at school.
  • Helps them exceed better in exams and boosts their grades.
  • Improves decision-making and independent thinking.
  • Provides them with more knowledge to start conservations and improve their social skills.

Check out our list of super fun after-school club activities that keep children proactively learning more and more about the world – including creative extracurricular ideas like drama club, debate club, and even a politics club. After all, you never know who a future prime minister might be!

Things to consider before you start

Before we get into the GK trivia, we also want to point out that these questions are made for kids of all ages. They’re not too hard for little ones or too easy for bigger kids – we’ve generalised them to be just the right amount of tricky to tickle everyone’s brains. Plus, if they don’t get the answer right, that’s your chance to teach them more about the subject!

Now let’s get down to the all-important GK questions with answers for kids…

Round 1: Science

1. What is the largest planet in our solar system?

    Answer: Jupiter

2. What name is given to animals that only eat plants and vegetables?

    Answer: Herbivores

3. What gas do we breathe in?

    Answer: Oxygen

4. What is the world’s largest mammal?

    Answer: Blue whale

5. What temperature does water boil at?

    Answer: 100º

Round 2: Geography

6. Name three of the world’s continents

    Answer:Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia (or Oceania), Europe, North America, South America

7. In which city would you find the Eiffel Tower?

    Answer: Paris, France

8. Name two of the world’s oceans

    Answer: Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Southern Ocean

9. What is the longest wall in the world?

    Answer: The Great Wall of China

10. Name the four countries that make up the United Kingdom

    Answer: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Round 3: Maths

11. Which is longer: 2 hours or 90 minutes?

    Answer: 2 hours

12. Which shape has eight sides?

    Answer: Octagon

13. How many centimetres are in 1 metre?

    Answer: One hundred

14. How many years are there in a century?

    Answer: One hundred

15. Which is more: 25+5 or 20+15?

    Answer: 20+15=35

Round 4: History

16. How many wives did Henry VIII have?

    Answer: Six

17. What caused the Titanic to sink?

    Answer: Iceberg

18. What fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head when he discovered gravity?

    Answer: Apple

19. In which country will you find the ancient pyramids?

    Answer: Egypt

20. What year did the Great Fire of London happen?

    Answer: 1666

We hope you enjoyed our quiz of GK questions for kids. How did everyone do? Who was the champion? Just remember: there are never any losers, only room for learning more about the exciting world we live in.