“I was worried about how much a system for managing our club would cost and whether it would do what we needed without changing how we work. What we needed was a system that worked with our existing setup but took away as much of the admin as possible, without costing the earth. Kids Club HQ has proved to be very affordable and has made my life a lot easier! It’s dramatically cut the time we spend on admin and our parents now find it much easier to book.”
Michael Vinluan
FACE Holiday Club

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When operating an after school club in your area, standing out and attracting new customers is essential for sustainability and growth. There are many ways through which your club can achieve visibility and interest amongst parents. These include marketing to parents, trying out innovative ideas for your club like a robotics club or a theatre club, and partnering with local schools.

Another strategic approach to gain customers and foster a loyal community is leveraging discounts and promotions. These offer a great way to ensure parents become repeat customers and are more likely to stay with your club for longer.

This article delves into the importance of these strategies and offers practical tips for implementing them effectively.

Understanding the Value of Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and Promotions are not just incentives; they are powerful tools that can:

Increase Accessibility: By making programs more affordable, you can reach a wider demographic, ensuring more children benefit from your offerings.

Build Loyalty: Rewarding customers for their commitment can strengthen community ties and encourage long-term participation.

Drive Early Sign-Ups: Encouraging early registration helps with better planning and financial forecasting, ensuring that your club remains robust and well-prepared for future activities.

Types of Discounts and Promotions

Early Bird Discounts

How it Works: Offer a discount for early registrations, such as 20% off for sign-ups two months in advance.

Benefits: Creates urgency and rewards, proactive parents, helping you secure early funding and plan more effectively.

Promotion: Highlight the offer in newsletters and social media as a limited-time opportunity, creating a buzz and prompting quick action.

Referral Programs

How it Works: Implement a system where existing customers can refer new families, with both new and existing parents receiving a benefit like a discount or a free month.

Benefits: Harnesses the power of community and word-of-mouth, which can be more persuasive than traditional marketing.

Promotion: Share success stories and testimonials to illustrate the real-life benefits of your referral program, making it more tangible and appealing.

Bundle Offers

How it Works: Package several programs at a reduced rate, such as combining a sports club registration with a winter training program.

Benefits: Provides great value and encourages families to engage with multiple offerings, enhancing their connection with your club.

Promotion: Communicate cost savings and extra benefits of these bundles through your website and in-person interactions.

Seasonal Promotions

How it Works: Offer themed discounts that align with different times of the year, like a “Back to School” special.

Benefits: Keeps your offerings fresh and relevant, aligning with the natural rhythm of family schedules and interests.

Promotion: Use diverse channels like community boards, newsletters, and social media to ensure broad visibility of your seasonal promotions.

Exclusive Customer-Only Benefits

How it Works: Offer unique perks for regular customers, such as early booking for popular programs or special events with guest speakers.

Benefits: Enhances the exclusivity and attractiveness of your offer, making it more desirable.

Promotion: Communicate these benefits through personalised emails and a dedicated section on your website, making parents feel special and valued.

Trial Periods and Open Days

How it Works: Allow potential customers to try your offerings for a short period or host open days where they can experience the activities without commitment.

Benefits: Lowers the barrier for new parents to join and provides a firsthand look at the value of your club.

Promotion: Advertise these opportunities through local partnerships and schools, effectively reaching potential parents where they are most engaged.

Marketing and Communication

Effective communication is key to ensuring that potential customers are aware of and understand the offers:

Digital Marketing: Utilise social media, email newsletters, and the club’s website to promote discounts and special offers. Targeted ads can also reach a broader audience.

Community Engagement: Partnering with schools, community centres, and other local organisations can amplify promotional efforts and establish the club as a community hub.

Clear Messaging: Ensure that all promotional materials clearly outline the benefits and terms of the offers. Transparency builds trust and reduces confusion. Measuring Success

To determine how effective your promotional strategies are, it’s important to track metrics such as new sign-ups, retention rates, and overall revenue growth. This data can help guide your future marketing efforts and tailor your promotional offerings accordingly. Building a Loyal Customer Base

While attracting new parents is crucial for the success of your club, retaining them is equally, if not more important. Providing a high-quality experience to parents and children, fostering a sense of community, and maintaining regular communication can help you turn new parents into long-term customers.

Final thoughts

Discounts and promotions are a powerful strategy to gain more customers at your club. By understanding your audience, offering compelling discounts, effectively communicating these promotions, and measuring their impact, your club can grow its customer base. Tailor each of these strategies to fit the unique offerings and goals of your club, ensuring that the offer is not only successful but also sustainable in the long term.