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Guides for customers

Launching your Kids Club HQ system to your customers (going live)

Adding an additional charge to a customers booking

How do I cancel a booking

How to set an incomplete booking as complete

How to change the days and sessions in a customers booking

How to deduct from a booking total

How to change when bookings close for a club or date range

How to use invoice numbers with bookings

Exporting bookings to Excel or CSV

How to apply an existing discount to an existing booking

Adding customer payments

How to change a payment recorded for a customer

How to remove a payment recorded for a customer

Use Account Credit as payment

Automated Payment Reminders

Record Account Credit Refund (customer view)

Adding customer specific discounts

Child Collection Passwords

Child Dietary Requirements

How to reinstate a child

How to remove a child from the system

Custom Registers

Exporting a Register to Excel

How do I sort a register?

Staff Register

How to filter a register on school, year group and/or class

Sign in or out multiple children at once on a register

Filtering The Customers List

Requiring a contact with parental responsibility for a child

How to change a customers details

How to ban/unban a customer

How to reinstate a customer

How to remove a customer from the system

How to merge two customer accounts

How do I change the days and sessions in a contract?

What are contracts in kids club HQ?

What states can a contract be in?

How to create a contract for a customer

How to cancel customer's contracts

How to merge contracts

How to use a contract with alternating days per week (e.g. shift patterns)

How to reinstate a cancelled contract

How to remove one child from a contract

How to pause billing for contracts

How to send emails to multiple customers at once

How to edit email templates

Club Administration

Adding a New Club

How to add a date range to a club (add half term/term)?

How to add or remove dates in a date range?

How to change session prices

How to change the maximum spaces for a club, date range or day.

Group clubs that can be booked together

How to delete a club

How to delete a date range

How to delete a location

How to turn pro-rata pricing on or off for a block booking club

How to set an age limit for a club

How to make a date range private/public

How to change the name of a date range

Filtering by clubs, locations, and date ranges

Limit bookings to blocks of days

How to limit bookings to children in a particular school

How to limit bookings to particular year groups

How to limit booking to children in particular classes

How to turn ad-hoc bookings on/off for a club

How do I set up a privacy notice?

How do I set up communications consent?

How to change your organisations details

How to add a registration or admin fee

How to add administrators

Managing card payment gateways

How to capture school, year group and/or class for a child

How to manage payment options

Automatic updates of school year group for children

How to set up auto-billing

System Emails 'from' Address

Introduction to consents - sometimes called permissions

Managing the consent library

Managing consents (sometimes called permissions)

How to change and admin user's details

Where to find the Stripe integration settings

How to manage your terms and conditions

How to set up Direct Debits with GoCardless

Managing Direct Debit payment settings

Importing Existing Direct Debits Already In GoCardless Into Kids Club HQ

How Customers Can Set Up a Direct Debit Mandate With You