System Emails 'from' Address

By default, emails sent by the Kids Club HQ system will be sent from This includes batch emails send to a list of customers using customer messaging.

The reason for this is a bit technical but is basically to try and prevent emails from going to junk/spam folders. 


If your organisation has it's own domain name  (e.g. if you had the website or similar, your domain name would be, you can add a setting to the configuration for that domain that allows Kids Club HQ se send emails 'on behalf' of one of your email addresses (e.g.

But, if you use an email service like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc..., it's not possible to give Kids Club HQ permission to send on behalf of your email address. If we tried to do this, it would very likely result in all the emails going to your customer's junk/spam folders or them not even reaching the customers at all. 

If you use one of the email services like GMail or you don't have access to change the settings for your domain, Kids Club HQ will send all emails from (or a similar email address owned by Kids Club HQ). This means that if parents reply to the email, you will not receive their reply.

Options for having parents replies

There are a couple of options which can be set up relating to emails sent from Kids Club HQ.

Use 'reply to' when sending emails

To try to have emails sent to you if customers reply, we can add a 'reply to' setting. This means that emails are still sent from but they have a 'reply to' email set as your email address. 

With this setup, if the customer replies to the email it should go to your email address. I say 'should' because not all email programs honour this and will send it to despite the 'reply to' setting and these emails will be lost.

If they would like to set this up, please raise a support ticket specifying the reply to email address you would like to use.

Use your own email address

The best option is to have your own domain name and use email addresses on that domain. In this case, Kids Club HQ will be able to send emails 'on behalf of' one of your email addresses. 

This requires some technical settings to be set up on your domain so that Kids Club HQ has permission to send emails on your behalf and to help prevent emails going to junk/spam. These settings are called SPF settings and basically authorise Kids Club HQ to send email on their behalf.

If they would like to set this up, please raise a support ticket and we can send you the required information.