Introduction to consents - sometimes called permissions

It's common for you to need your customer to agree or disagree to some consents/permissions before their child can attend the club.

Examples might include:

  • Permission for photos being taken of their children
  • Permission for staff to apply suncream 
  • etc...

You can set up any consents you need in Kids Club HQ either at the organisation level (if the same consents apply to all your clubs) or at an individual club level. 

For example, you may need different consents for your Holiday Club than you do for your Breakfast and After School Club. In this case, you could add the consents at the organisation level as the defaults then add specific consents for the Holiday Club. In doing this, the Breakfast and After School Club would use the default (organisation) consents where the Holiday Club would use those specifically set for that club.

To allow for this flexibility, there is a Consent Library where you should add all your consents, regardless of whether they apply to all clubs or specific clubs. Once a consent is in the consent library, it can then be added to the list of consents for the organisation and/or clubs.

The first step is adding all of your consents to the consent library. Check out our guide here on managing your consents library -

Once you've added all of your consents to the library you can then manage them for the organisation or individual clubs to select which consents need to be asked of the parents when requesting a contract or creating a booking. Check out our guide here on managing your consents -