Kids Club HQ For Schools

Is the admin crushing enthusiasm for clubs at your school?

You don’t need convincing about the benefits of running after school clubs and providing wraparound care for your children.

And running breakfast clubs, after school clubs and extra curricular activities are a great source of income for your school.

Not to mention the fact that they’re an essential service for many working parents/carers.

But they persistently present a huge, time-sucking problem. Everyone hates the admin: you, the already over stretched office staff, club leaders and parents/carers.

Fancy one reliable, cloud-based platform that finally puts an end to all your club admin headaches?

Kids Club HQ puts an online booking and payment system for parents/carers together with a joined up admin system for you and club staff. It’s all there in one, secure place.

Your current issues

Running clubs outside the school day requires you to collect and store a lot of information about the children and when they’ll be attending. Then there’s the incessant repetition of the same information into different places. Sometimes double or triple keying it from paper forms or emails, to registers and invoices.

Then of course there’s everyone’s favourite – the last minute changes. Sometimes even on the day.

Add in the constant fielding of ‘Are clubs on this week?’ phone calls and emails, updating information for individual children and collecting money – it’s a wonder there’s time for any other work at all! And we’ve not even talked about chasing payments yet.

All safeguarding, health and safety, GDPR and Ofsted compliance must be met. You’ve got no issue with the reasons behind such meticulous record keeping. But how many times have you thought ‘there’s got to be a better way to do this’.

A better way

Kids Club HQ is the better to administer your after school provision. Why? Lots of reasons:

  • One central database
  • Information is collected and updated using online forms, parents/carers input it themselves
  • GDPR compliant: new parent registrations will see your privacy notice and (optionally) be asked to give consent for the various methods you would like to communicate with them
  • Parents/carers can see if there are spaces and book their child in online, without having to phone, message or email you
  • Every time a booking is made, registers are automatically updated by the system. You can see them straightaway, print it off, export it to excel, or get adults to register their children electronically on your tablet
  • Option to include parents/carers ability to make cancellations online, which will also be updated in the register
  • Parents/carers love it too. They hate the paperwork and money stuff just as much as you do. With Kids Club HQ, they can sort all their children’s clubs out, whenever they want, from their mobile.
  • Communication: easily send offers, discounts or simple information reminders to specific groups
  • Invoices generated and emailed for you. Followed up by automatic reminders, so you spend less time chasing overdue payments and your accounts are kept up to date.

That last one’s an absolute game changer for so many school admin officers. The other favourite function is the integrated register creation – genuine joy at never having to do them again!

Given the amount of time you’ll save, Kids Club HQ is the very definition of ‘smarter spending’.

Don’t just take our word for it!

"Many thanks for all your help over the last few difficult months, I have said it before, and I will again, your product has worked so well for us... it has turned what used to be a time consuming spreadsheet driven system, into a completely automated, running behind the scenes one that has freed up so much of my time.

Caroline Newman
Clarendon Primary School


"Kids Club HQ makes it so much easier for parents to book their children into our before and after school clubs and for them to see their own bookings and the total cost for the bookings. We are also able to lose all the paperwork that goes with running a before and after school club, saving us lots of storage and time searching for bookings or payments.

There's no longer a need for us to create a register every day, they are all generated and updated with every addition.

We would recommend Kids Club HQ.

Jason Brown
Christ Church New Malden Church of England Primary School

See for yourself

Every school is different and it’s only sensible to ‘try before you buy’. Click the button below to start your free trial, and see if Kids Club HQ is a good fit for your provision.