Experience Effortless Club Management With Kids Club HQ

I’m Roberta Johnson, an Administrator at School’s Out Henleaze. Before we discovered Kids Club HQ, we had a major challenge with our club management. With our previous provider, we couldn’t globally cancel a day or club, which forced me to manually action each booking for each family.

This process was not only time-consuming but also costly for our business, considering I’m paid for the hours I work. More importantly, it did not inspire much confidence among our clients in the product we were using.

“The back office management of Kids Club HQ is really clear. The initial set up and the individual clubs are easy to set up with lots of adaptability.”

Switching to Kids Club HQ turned things around for us. The system’s features and adaptability, from back office management to setting up individual clubs, are impressive. The rolling bookings, automated invoicing, and chasers simplified our operations and made adaptability easier. The template is customizable, allowing us to promote the tax-free childcare link which helps our parents save money.

“With Kids Club HQ, I can globally administer a cancellation from the club admin tab and delete the date range or remove dates from the club which would automatically remove the booking for the respective children booked in. It’s a massive time-saver!”

One of the standout features of Kids Club HQ is the ability to globally cancel a day or club. After setting up a club and billing clients, if we had to cancel at short notice, the process is now a breeze. Instead of going into each client’s account (180 bookings) and deleting them individually, I do it all at once in a few clicks!

We’ve also been able to stay on top of billing and payments for each club, effectively manage bad payers and client accounts, and produce insightful reports for credit control and bookings. This level of control has helped us reduce bad debts and make strategic decisions crucial for our growth.

“We now operate seamlessly from term to term, the clients respond well to the automatic billing and pay regularly in a more timely manner.”

The most significant change we’ve seen since we started using Kids Club HQ is our operational efficiency. With the automatic billing, our clients pay more regularly and timely. We’ve been able to almost double our club size and operate it efficiently in the same time it took us to manage a smaller club – all thanks to time saved using Kids Club HQ.

I would recommend Kids Club HQ to others without hesitation. It has not only helped us streamline processes and save time but has also enabled us to expand and serve our clients better. If you want to manage your business efficiently and make strategic decisions, look no further than Kids Club HQ.