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Kids Club HQ vs Magic Booking

You’ve set aside the budget to invest in software to streamline your admin – excellent! Now, which one to choose?

Let’s save you a bit of time with this quick comparison of Kids Club HQ and one of our respected competitors, Magic Booking.

Magic Booking

Magic Booking say they are, “The most comprehensive platform for schools, academies and childcare providers.” And they certainly offer a variety of services: clubs, wraparound care, trips, school dinners and parents evening.

They’ve got plenty of dates available to book a demo with one of their many hosts.

Pricing is by ‘Module’, which is what they call their four different packages. It might be bit tricky to work out which package is the best combination of features for your setting. There is a ‘per location’ amount, set up costs and training fees.

Kids Club HQ

Kids Club HQ are specialists in admin software for extra curricular and sports clubs, holiday club provision and wraparound care. Our founder was so frustrated by the admin for his daughter’s clubs that he built a system to fix it!

It puts registration, booking, invoicing and all the other admin bits together in one secure place. And they all work together. For example, a session is booked online and the register is instantly updated. It’s great!

We price our services on a sliding scale, based on the average number of children you’ve got booked in each day. That’s it really. No ‘per site’ amount. No unexpected extra costs.

Kids Club HQ lightens your admin burden by automating most of your day-to-day jobs.

Give it a try, for free!

"Kids Club HQ makes it so much easier for parents to book their children into our before and after school clubs and for them to see their own bookings and the total cost for the bookings. We are also able to lose all the paperwork that goes with running a before and after school club, saving us lots of storage and time searching for bookings or payments.

There's no longer a need for us to create a register every day, they are all generated and updated with every addition.

We would recommend Kids Club HQ.

Jason Brown
Christ Church New Malden Church of England Primary School