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Kids Club HQ vs iPal

There are quite a few after school club admin software options, aren’t there? We’ve done a basic comparison between Kids Club HQ and iPal, to save you a bit of time.

Who are iPal and Kids Club HQ?

iPal powered by CES Booking System

iPal say they’re: “…a bespoke booking, payment and management software system for schools, nurseries, preschools, out of school clubs and sports clubs”.

Kids Club HQ

Kids Club HQ is the fully integrated admin system for out of school clubs that you’re looking for.

How did they start?


“Being part of the Complete Education Solutions Group (CES) the software has been designed by people who work within the education sector, ensuring the best user ability experience for both the setting and the parent.”

Kids Club HQ

Our founder, Martin, was utterly fed up of repeatedly filling in the same information for all his daughter’s clubs. He still can’t believe that the organisers weren’t able to find affordable software that actually did what they needed.

After talking to lots of clubs about what they need, he created Kids Club HQ.

What do they do?


iPal have a range of expected features that they say ‘speak for themselves’. Their website encourages you to get in touch to find out more about them.

Kids Club HQ

There are a range of useful features that all work together to make your life easier, including:

  • Straightforward management of customer details and registration
  • Parents/carers input and update essential information themselves
  • Simple online booking
  • Registers automatically update as soon as a child is booked into a club
  • Talk to parents/carers from the system
  • Automatic invoicing and reminders for late payment

And many others, with a range of configuration options to suit your particular needs.

How much do they cost?


You need to have a conversation with an advisor at iPal to get an idea of what it will cost. They provide “bespoke software”, so there’s no guide price available. It’s not clear if there are any ‘per site’ costs.

Kids Club HQ

Minimum cost of £49 per month. Kids Club HQ pricing is based on the average daily number of children you’ve got booked into your clubs, on a sliding scale. The pricing page shows you how much it will cost, based on your numbers (you don’t need to input any data.)

There is no ‘per site’ cost.

We’re not sure if iPal offer this, but you can get a free trial or demo from Kids Club HQ – just by clicking below. See how well it’ll work in your setting, before you commit any of your budget.

"Kids Club HQ makes it so much easier for parents to book their children into our before and after school clubs and for them to see their own bookings and the total cost for the bookings. We are also able to lose all the paperwork that goes with running a before and after school club, saving us lots of storage and time searching for bookings or payments.

There's no longer a need for us to create a register every day, they are all generated and updated with every addition.

We would recommend Kids Club HQ.

Jason Brown
Christ Church New Malden Church of England Primary School