Afterschool Management Software

Take advantage of technology
Manage your afterschool club with our hassle-free admin software

Reduce your workload

If you feel like you spend too much of your workday tending to basic admin tasks rather than making serious progress with your afterschool care business, start automating your systems using Kids Club HQ.

Stop handling repetitive tasks

Nothing decreases your motivation for work more than repeating the same menial tasks day in and day out. Use our system to handle billings and invoices, bookings and more.

Organise your finances

Use the software to help navigate through your finances. Our afterschool management software can deliver you detailed income reports and automate your invoicing to help improve your cash flow and hit your financial goals.

Give more attention to the kids in your care

Of course, the best part about using our afterschool management software to help you cut down on admin is that you can reinvest your new spare time into helping the kids in your afterschool care learn and thrive.

3 Main Ways Our Afterschool Business Management Software Can Help You Run Your Business

Operation Tasks

The best part about using Kids Club HQ is that the software is designed with childcare businesses in mind. Our afterschool management software allow you to complete all these tasks and more:

  • Parents can book their child’s slot in your afterschool club in an instant
  • Log in from any device, anywhere
  • Parents can fill out the information about their kids online, and we will store the data on your system
  • Integrated registers which sync with who is in your care each day
  • Provide parents with contracts when they book their children in for regular days at the afterschool club so you can rely on their steady income


Use our afterschool management software to help manage your payments, track your earnings and more can help you manage your business’ finances.

Here are just a few ways you can use our system to help keep track of your invoices and streamline your finances:

  • Send out invoices to parents automatically
  • Discounts for siblings, early bookings, or staff can be applied at checkout
  • The price you pay as a user will reflect how much you need to use the system and how many children you have under your care
  • Overdue payment reminders

Store Information

Although storing data and information electronically is far more efficient than keeping the details about your business and the kids on paper, technology isn’t always easy to navigate. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief when you switch to using Kids Club HQ to store sensitive and useful information about the children.

Use our software to store information, such as:

  • The children’s dietary requirements
  • The children’s medication and allergies
  • The children’s and staff birthdays
  • Emergency contacts
  • List of who is certified to pick up a child from your care
  • Registers and waiting lists
  • Contact information for the children’s parents
  • Permission slips

Better yet, all this information and more will be available from anywhere with just a few clicks. You can even read this information when you are offline, which is handy when you don’t have WiFi on-site or take your kids on a trip away from the classroom.

And you can get all of these features at an affordable price!

You may be thinking, ‘wow, this software sounds exactly what I need, but what about the price?’ As Kids Club HQ was founded by parents we strive to keep our costs low so you don’t have to take a hit to your earnings or pass on additional costs to your customers.

After looking at what our competitors offer and the high price tags associated with their software, we decided to implement variable pricing. **You only pay according to how many children you host each day in your kid’s club. **Therefore, you only pay more as you start to increase your business revenue and take on more customers.

Afterschool Software Management Systems Review

One of our users at FACE Holiday Club had this to say about our afterschool management software ‘We needed a system that worked with our existing setup and [decreased] our admin. Kids Club HQ has proved to make life a lot easier.’ Michael went on to say how the parents find it easy to book their children into care online, and they found the system ‘very affordable’.


Do you need to find an afterschool curriculum management software near me?

The innovative Kids Club HQ software is available all over the UK. We are available for customer support during working hours and are happy to guide you through the simple setup process. Therefore, you don’t need to be local to our business headquarters to use our incredible resources.

Can an afterschool management software help me to secure more bookings?

Our platform is designed to help you, your staff and the kids’ parents manage bookings and payments in one place.

Although we aren’t a marketing tool to help you gain leads for new customers, we can help you secure the deal when the parents realise how easy it is to book their children into your afterschool club with just a few clicks. We take the hassle out of childcare so busy parents can choose your club without hesitation.

Does your afterschool curriculum management software offer a way to send out booking offers?

Absolutely! Our software allows you to set up marketing offers to entice parents to rebook with you the following term. You still have full control over who is eligible to receive them and the terms and conditions.

Get ready to see your afterschool business hit new heights when you sign up to Kids Clubs HQ. Still not sure if an afterschool software is for you? Register for a demo to see for yourself!

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