Automated Payment Reminders

This feature within our system allows organisations to set up automated payment reminders (email reminders sent to customers who have outstanding bookings reminding them to make payments) and this can be done in two ways/two areas. 

Edit default settings for your organisation -

To view/edit the default settings for your organisation you'll need to the Administration section in your dashboard and then to the Auto Billing & Reminders menu item in the sidebar. Then select the Reminders tab. 

In here you'll be able to view the current settings for your organisation reminders (if you have any set up) and edit/create them. To do this, the first step is to click the Add Payment settings button, a pop up will appear allowing you to confirm/edit the relevant details.

In here you'll be prompted to confirm what type of bookings you'd like to set up reminders for (whether this is both Ad-Hoc & Contract bookings, or either one on their own). You'll then be asked to confirm when you would like the reminders to be sent. 

You have two options here. 

1 - Send on a day of the month after = means that the reminders are sent on a day of the next month  - i.e. if the bills were sent in May, this setting allows you to set which day of June the reminders will be sent to the customers.

2 - Send a number of days after the bill was sent = means that the reminders will be sent a number of days after the bill was sent, e.g. if this is set to 5 and the bill was sent on 25th July, the reminder will go to the customer on the 30th July

Once you've confirmed this information and you can save the settings using the blue button. You'll then be taken back to the previous screen but will be able to see this reminder you've set up (you can edit it/delete it from here).

Edit Payment Reminder settings for each club -

This option allows you to edit the reminder settings for each club individually. To amend these settings you should go to the Administration view in your dashboard, and to the Clubs menu item in the sidebar. Once in here, you'll need to locate the club you'd like to setup or change reminders for. 

Once you've found the club in this list (you can use the search box) click the blue View button.

You'll then be taken to that clubs page, when in here you'll need to select to view the Payment Reminder Settings tab. 

You'll then be able to view the default settings for the club (if a club specific reminder setting isn't already set up) and you'll be able to add any payment reminder settings that are specific to this club. 

To do this, click the Add Reminder Settings button and a pop up will appear.

You'll be able to confirm the details in here for this club specific reminder setting and once done click the Save Settings. 

Once the club specific reminder has been set up. you'll be able to view the details for this and make any changes/delete the reminder setting.