What states can a contract be in?

There are several states that a contract can be in which are listed below and each is explained in the following sections:

  • Pending
  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Cancelled
  • Incomplete

Pending contracts

When a parent fills in the required information and submits the contract request, the contract is in a state of ‘pending‘ until an administrator either approves or rejects the contract request.

Approved contracts

Once the administrator has reviewed a contract request, they can either approve or reject it. If they decide to approve it, the contract goes into the ‘approved‘ state and becomes part of the invoice cycle.

If the invoices have already gone out for the period that the new contract starts on, an invoice will be immediately sent to the parent when the contract is approved. If not, the first invoice will go when the next invoice run is done for the club based on the invoicing cycle.

Rejected contracts

If an administrator chooses to not accept a contract request from a parent (maybe because the days requested aren’t available) then the contract will be an a ‘rejected‘ state. When the contract was rejected, the parent would have received an email indicating that their contract request was rejected.

Cancelled contracts

Cancelled contracts are as the name suggests, contracts that are no longer in effect. It is possible to cancel a contract with a cancellation date in the future though, so check the cancellation date to see whether the contract is still active on the current date.

Incomplete contracts

When a contract request is started by a parent, the status of the contract is ‘incomplete‘ and it remains in this state until the parent completes all the information required for the contract and submits the request.

If you see an incomplete contract, it could that way either because the parent is currently completing the information or they never finished making the request.