How to cancel customer's contracts

How to cancel a single customer's contract:

Sometimes you might need to cancel a single contract for a customer. This article will talk you through step by step how to do this. First you'll need to sign into your dashboard. In the Operations tab along the top, you'll need to select the Contracts tab in the sidebar. This will take you to a page with all contracts within your organisation.

You can use the search box to locate the contract you'd like to cancel. When you've found the contract, hit the blue View button. You'll then be taken to a page to view this contract.

In here you'll be able to view all the details for this contract. To cancel this contract, you'll need to select the Other Actions button and select Cancel Contract.

A pop up will then appear asking for confirmation that you would like to cancel this contract and asking you to confirm which date the contract should be cancelled (the end date). 

The end date for the contract is the last date that the contract is valid for. This is the last date that the customer will be billed for (if the club is open on that date).

If there are existing bookings related to this contract that include dates after the cancellation date, you will be prompted whether to cancel these (or remove the dates after the cancellation date if the booking covers other dates as well). You can de-select any bookings that you don't want to be cancelled.

Double-check your selections then click the blue Cancel Contract button. This will cancel this contract with effect from the date selected and also cancel any bookings selected.

Once cancelled, the contract will not appear in the contracts list by default. If you would like to see cancelled contracts, select the Cancelled state filter on the contracts view.

Please note: If it's just a booking you'd like to cancel and not the whole contract you can check out our guide here:

How to cancel multiple customer's contracts:

If you would like to to cancel multiple contracts at once, you'll need to head to the `Operations` tab along the top and then head to the `Contracts` view along the left hand side. You can use the date filter and the club filter to filter the contracts that are being shown.

You can see from the screenshot above (circled in green) that you can click to select all the contracts at once, helpful if you want to pause the billing for all the contracts for the selected filters. Then, as circled in red, you can see how you can run through the list of contracts and individually tick each one, helpful if you have a group within those shown for the filters selected.

When you have multiple contracts selected, you will see the "Batch Actions" button in the top left. If you click this, you'll see the option to "Cancel Contracts".

If you click "Cancel Contracts", a pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the date which you'd like to cancel the contracts from (the end date). You can enter the date manually or select it from the calendar.

The end date for the contract is the last date that the contract is valid for. This is the last date that the customer will be billed for (if the club is open on that date).

You'll see a note as per the little message in the screenshot above - if any of the contracts selected have dates booked after the cancellation date, those bookings will also be cancelled (or will have the dates after the cancellation date removed). Any paid for bookings will be refunded to account credit. 

You can then select to send a confirmation email to the customer and can then select to "Cancel Contracts" which will cancel all the selected contracts from the date selected. 

You'll see a little green message confirming that the process to cancel these contracts has started. It can take a few minutes for the contracts and any associated bookings to be cancelled.