Child Collection Passwords

Capturing Child Collection Passwords in a Booking

Parents can specify a collection password for their child as they go through the booking process in Kids Club HQ in a section on the contacts step called Child Collection Passwords. The page with this section looks like this:

In this example, the parent making the booking can choose whether to specify a collection password or not. It is also possible to make it that parents must provide collection passwords for each of their children.

If the parent selects that they would like to provide collection passwords (or it is required for your clubs), the Child Collection Passwords section looks like this:


From this view, the parent can choose to set a separate password for each child by clicking the Set a collection password button or, by clicking the Set same password for children listed button, they can set one password that applies to both children.

If they click the Set a collection password button, they are prompted for the password for that child:

If they click the Set same password for children listed button, they are prompted for a single password:

Once set, the passwords aren’t shown on the contacts page but a series of asterisks is shown instead of the password itself:


And that’s it, the collection passwords have been set and the parent can continue with the booking process.


Administering Child Collection Passwords

Within your Kids Club HQ administration system, you can administer the child collection passwords from the Contacts tab in the Booking Details view:

You can also administer them through the Customer Details view within the Children tab.


The child collection passwords can also be viewed from the registers for your clubs: