How to set an incomplete booking as complete

Sometimes, a customer will have a problem completing a booking for some reason and you will will want to record the booking as a completed booking so that the child(ren) appear on your registers.

If this is the case, there will be an ‘Incomplete’ booking for the customer which you can set to be complete as an administrator.

Firstly, go to the bookings list and check the ‘Incomplete’ filter checkbox. Then find the booking that you would like to set as complete (search for customer or child name may be quickest):

View the details of the booking and within the booking details view, click the ‘Other Actions…’ button then select ‘Set Booking as Complete…‘:

You will then see the Set Booking as Complete view where you can specify the details needed to set complete:

Fill in the details then click the ‘Set Booking as Complete’ button. The booking is then set as complete, the child(ren) will be on the appropriate registers and the parent receives an email informing them of the change to their booking.