How to change when bookings close for a club or date range

Sometimes you might need to amend when bookings close for a club or a date range. To do this, head to your dashboard and to the Administration tab and then the Clubs section in the sidebar. 

When you've found the club which you need to amend the booking closing time for, select the blue View button.

When you've hit the blue View button. If you'd like to change when bookings close for the club you should select the Club Actions button in the right corner.

If you'd like to change when the bookings close for a certain date range then you should select the Date Range Actions button.

You should then select the Change When Bookings Close option from the dropdown list. 

A pop-up will then appear asking you to confirm when/how the bookings for this club close. You can opt for the booking to close a number of hours before the start of the sessions or you can opt for them to close on a certain day.

It's worth noting that if you enter a negative number in this box, the booking will close X hours from the start. (If you entered -8, the bookings would close 8 hours after the session started)

When you've confirmed the details you can hit the blue Update When Booking Closes button and this will update the closing time for bookings on this club.