Importing Existing Direct Debits Already In GoCardless Into Kids Club HQ

Please note: This topic is only applicable if you have the Direct Debit payment option enabled. To enable Direct Debits, please see this article.

If you already have some Direct Debit mandates in GoCardless for your customers, you can import these into Kid Club HQ.

To do this, go to the Administration section then click on Direct Debits in the left menu. This will show you all the Direct Debit mandates in GoCardless and will identify whether they are currently linked to a customer in Kids Club HQ:

If the mandate is linked to a Kids Club HQ customer, you will be able to see a link icon and the customer's name against the mandate. If the mandate was linked incorrectly, you can click the 'Unlink' button next to it to remove the link (this will not affect the mandate, just prevent it from being used by that customer).

If the mandate is not currently linked to a customer in Kids Club HQ  but we have found some possible matching customers, these will be listed for the mandate. The matching between GoCardless and Kids Club HQ customers is based on the customer's email address and their name - if both match then the Kids Club HQ customer is added as a possible match for the GoCardless customer.

To link one of these possible matches, click the 'Link' button next to it.

You can also click the 'Find matching customer' button if you would like to find a different customer to link to the mandate. This will show you a customer search view like this:

Once you've found the customer you'd like to link to the mandate, click the 'Link to mandate' button and they will be linked.