Limit bookings to blocks of days

In some instances, it's useful to be able to limit customers to only be able to book blocks of days each week for a club, for example:

  • Monday - Friday
  • Monday - Wednesday
  • Thursday and Friday

To enforce this kind of limit you can use the Bookable Day Blocks feature.

Please note, this does not apply for Extra-curricular / sports / language clubs which are already booked in blocks.

Set up Bookable Day Blocks

View the club you would like to apply this to in the Administration section then click Club Actions... then Manage Bookable Day Blocks...:

This will show the Bookable Day Blocks view:

Click Add Block of Days... to add a new block:

Select the days to include in the block then click Save Day Block to save it. 

The block will then be active and customers will only be able to book if they have selected days each week in one of the prescribed blocks:

Click Done when you have set up the blocks required.

What if the club isn't running on one of the days?

If your club doesn't run on one or more of that days that a block of days includes (e.g. a Bank holiday), that day in the block will be ignored.

For example, if your block of days includes Monday to Wednesday but in one week that the club runs, the Monday is a Bank Holiday and the club is closed, the block will be valid when just Tuesday and Wednesday are booked for that week - the day the . 

What the customer sees

When the customer makes a booking, they can select individual days to book as usual but they will not be able to move away from the sessions selection view unless they have selected sessions each week which match one of the bookable blocks set up.

The Book button will be disabled and the message they will see will look like this: