How to turn pro-rata pricing on or off for a block booking club

Turning pro-rata pricing on/off for a club is an easy process. The first step is to sign in and head to your dashboard, once here you'll need to view the Administration tab and then select Clubs from the sidebar.

Locate the club where you want to turn pro-rata pricing on/off and hit the blue View button. Once in here, select the Club Actions button in the right corner. 

In this dropdown list you'll see the option to Turn On Pro-Rata Pricing. Select this. A pop up will then appear asking you to confirm the change/make a choice on the pricing setting.

Once you've done, hit the blue Save Pro-Rata Pricing Setting. You'll then be taken back to the club page. To turn Pro-Rata pricing off for a club, the process is the same. 

The only difference is that when you select Club Actions, in the drop down you'll see Turn Off Pro-Rata Pricing. Select this. The same pop up will appear asking you to confirm the change, save the changes once you've done and pro-rate pricing will be off.