How to set an age limit for a club

There might be an occasion where you need to set an age limit for a club. To do this, the first step is to head to your dashboard and when in here, head to the Administration tab along the top.

Once in here, you should select the Clubs view from the sidebar. Once in here, you'll need to locate the club in which you'd like to set the age limit for. You can do this by scrolling down the list, or by using the search box to type the name of the club in.

When you've located the club you'd like to set an age limit for, select the View button.  You'll then be taken to a screen to view this club, in the top right hand corner you'll see a button Club Actions.... Click this then click Change Child Booking Limits....

A new view will then appear.

Select Age limit as the limit you would like to set then you can set the minimum age and the maximum age. You can also chose the day of the year at which the age should be compared. For example, if the child needs to be 4 years old on the 1st September of the year the booking is made, select 1st September. If you don't select a date, the age of the child will be their age on the date the booking is made.

Click the Save Limits button to save set this age limit for this club.