Adding customer payments

There are a few different ways to add a customer payment in Kids Club HQ, including adding a payment directly to a booking and adding a payment into a customers account credit.

This article covers adding a payment into a customers account credit and then optionally using the payment to clear outstanding booking fees.

To get started adding the payment go to the ‘Credit Control’ view by clicking the Credit Control menu item in the left navigation menu. The credit control view has buttons allowing you to add payment directly for a customer in the credit control list and a button labelled ‘Add Customer Payment‘ (in the top right of the view):

Add Customer Payment

If the customer you would like to add a payment for is not immediately visible in the credit control view, you can search to find the customer by clicking on the ‘Add Customer Payment‘ button. This will show you the ‘Find Customer‘ view:

Type the first few letters of the customers name and they will appear in the list. Click the ‘Select Customer‘ button to the right of the customers name and email address.

In the next step you can provide the details of the payment the customer made:

Once you have added the appropriate information, click the ‘Add Payment‘ button.

You will then see a success message to let you know that the payment has been recorded and the amount added to the customers account credit. Here, you can select whether you would like to send the customer an email notifying them that you have recorded the payment then click ‘Done‘ to complete the process and send the email (or not).

If the customer has some bookings with outstanding amounts due, these will be listed allowing you to select any which you would like to assign the added payment to:

Once you have chosen the bookings which you would like to assign the payment to, click the ‘Assign Payment to Bookings‘ button to assign the payment and send the email to the customer (or not).

Add Payment Directly For A Customer

To make the process a little quicker, if you can see the customer in the Credit Control list, simply click the ‘Add Payment‘ button to the right of the customers name. This will skip the step of searching for the customer and allow you to add the payment directly for the chosen customer.