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Too much admin for your before & after school club?

Running an after school or breakfast club is a great source of income for the school and provides an essential service for working parents. The problem is that it’s easy to underestimate the amount of admin that’s required to keep things running smoothly and to comply with Ofsted requirements.

There’s a lot of information to be collected and stored about the children and when they will be attending. Double or triple keying information from paper forms or emails to produce registers then creating and sending invoices to parents is incredibly time consuming. That’s before you start to deal with the inevitable last-minute changes.

A better way

Things could be much easier for everyone. Collecting the required information using online forms and a central database means parents don’t need to submit repeated information and you have easy access to what you need all in one place.

When using Kids Club HQ, registers are automatically up to date (including last minute changes!) and can be viewed online in an instant or exported to Excel for offline use.

Automated invoicing

Instead of manually creating invoices for parents, these can be generated and sent by email automatically. Automated reminders for outstanding payments help to keep accounts up to date and reduce time spent chasing parents.

Kids Club HQ makes it so much easier for parents to book their children into our before and after school clubs and for them to see their own bookings and the total cost for the bookings. We are also able to lose all the paperwork that goes with running a before and after school club, saving us lots of storage and time searching for bookings or payments.

There's no longer a need for us to create a register every day, they are all generated and updated with every addition.

We would recommend Kids Club HQ.

Jason Brown

Christ Church New Malden Church of England Primary School

GDPR compliant

Keeping track of paper records and spreadsheets containing the personal information of parents and their children can create headaches when thinking about the implications of GDPR.

Kids Club HQ provides you with tools to ensure that new parent registrations will see your privacy notice and (optionally) be asked to give positive consent for the various methods you would like to communicate with them.

Updating these options in the Kids Club HQ administration system is a breeze and parents will be prompted with the updated information and options when they next log in.

Get started on making things better

Kids Club HQ is an easy to use cloud-based platform built from the ground up for breakfast, after school and holiday clubs with an online booking system for parents and an administration system for you and the club staff.

Schools like yours rely on Kids Club HQ to keep on top of the admin for their clubs.

To find out how we can reduce your admin burden please get in touch or book a demo.

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