Wrap Around Care


It’s easy to underestimate just how much admin is involved in running a breakfast or after school club. If you’re involved in running one, you will be under no illusions as to what it takes.

A lot of the administration is around safeguarding and making sure you can provide a safe environment for the children. On top of that, there’s plenty to keep you busy on the admin front. Some examples just for starters:

  • Collecting bookings
  • Managing changes to bookings
  • Keeping registers up to date
  • Tracking payments from parents
  • Chasing payment

The list goes on…

It can seem like you’re spending more time on admin than anything else and this can be frustrating.

If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place! We built Kids Club HQ from the ground up to take away the pain of administering wrap around care like yours.

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Contracts, Ad-Hoc bookings or both?

How do you take bookings for your after school club?

The main options we see are:

  • Contract Bookings - this is where parents strike an agreement with your club that their children will attend the same days every week

  • Ad-hoc Bookings - ad-hoc bookings are where parents can book any days and sessions that they want from week to week

  • Both Ad-hoc and Contract Bookings - some clubs run contract bookings but have extra capacity and so can also run ad-hoc bookings alongside the contracts

Each of these has its own challenges made easy with Kids Club HQ.

Contract Bookings

Contracts are for parents whose children attend your clubs on the same days each week.

This makes things a lot easier for managing staff and ratios. The main thing you need to worry about is raising the invoices every month (or however often you invoice). This sounds simple but can take a long time - particularly if there are changes from month to month.

Kids Club HQ helps after school clubs with contract bookings in several ways:

  • parents to request a contract online (or you can create one for them)
  • you can approve or reject requests for contracts
  • invoices are automatically generated and emailed to parents
  • payment can be automatically taken from parents that use Direct Debit

Ad-Hoc Bookings

Those parents that don’t use the same days each week make ad-hoc bookings.

This provides flexibility for parents as they get to pick and choose the days and sessions that they want to book. If you have a set number of staff then this can work well but you need to be careful about keeping the staff to child ratio in line.

Kids Club HQ makes it easy to see who has paid and who hasn’t saving you loads of time from sifting through paperwork. It even keeps track of partial payments made by parents so you know exactly where you are.

Both Ad-hoc and Contract Bookings

Using a mixture of contract bookings and ad-hoc bookings can work well and help ensure you fill your capacity every day. Allowing parents to book ad-hoc as well as the regular contract bookings helps to maximise the spaces you have available.

Kids Club HQ gives you flexibility with setting the maximum number of spaces available for a club. You can set the maximum for the club as a whole, have different maximums on different days, even have different maximums for different sessions if that’s what you need.


With contract bookings, registers are less of an issue because the children that attend your club will be fairly consistent for most weeks. If you have ad-hoc bookings, you will need to keep on top of who is booked in when.

With Kids Club HQ, this is automatic. Whenever a booking is made, the registers are automatically updated in the system. You can either print out the registers or use the functionality built in to allow staff and/or parents to sign their children in or out using an iPad or other tablet.

Chasing payments

Despite good intentions, it’s not uncommon for parents to get behind with payments for bookings. Keeping on top of this is crucial to maintain cashflow but is time very consuming.

Automated payment reminders in Kids Club HQ prompt parents about their outstanding payments and our Credit Control area keep you on top of who owes what and for how long.

Parents keep their own information up to date

Parents are looking to save time and it’s almost expected that online bookings would be available. If you’re still using paper forms or emailed Word documents, you might be unwittingly frustrating your customers.

How sure are you that the information you hold is up to date?

Your Kids Club HQ system gives parents the ability to book online and a means of viewing their bookings and updating their information and the information about their children at any time.

Start saving hours each week on admin

Think about how long you spend working on admin and how much Kids Club HQ could reduce that admin. You’re not just saving time, you’re reducing the frustration and stress.

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