Holiday Clubs, Camps & Playschemes

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Holiday Clubs, Holiday Camps, Playschemes - whatever you call them, they are vital for children and their parents over the school holidays.

Their flexible nature makes them tricky to keep track of and make the most of the spaces you have available.

You need to know how many children are booked in on which days to effectively plan for the staff needed.

Parents’ plans often change and the days they need for their children can change, sometimes at late notice.

It all leads to a lot of admin and fair amount of frustration trying to keep on top of it.

With Kids Club HQ, it’s all a lot easier…

  • Online Bookings - parents book their children in to the days and sessions they need
  • Online Payment - parent’s can pay online for the booking when they make it
  • Up to Date Registers - your registers are up to date all the time

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Online Bookings

Online bookings provide flexibility for parents as they get to pick and choose the days and sessions that they want to book. If you have a set number of staff then this can work well but you need to be careful about keeping the staff to child ratio in line.

Kids Club HQ makes it easy for parents to book and pay online.

Offer Codes & Discounts

It’s often better to get bookings in as early as possible so to entice parents to book, you can add early booking discounts or give out offer codes which parents can use to get a discount.

Offering sibling discounts is another good way to encourage parents to book their children in.

Kids Club HQ has a flexible discounting system to make this possible and easy to maintain for your clubs.


As the bookings come in, it’s good to know how many children you have on each day and which sessions they are attending.

With Kids Club HQ, this is automatic. Whenever a booking is made, the registers are automatically updated in the system. You can either print out the registers or use the functionality built in to allow parents to sign their children in or out using an iPad or other tablet.

Chasing payments

If you support online payments, you won’t need to chase parents as the payment is taken when the booking is made.

But, if you support Childcare Vouchers, Tax Free Childcare or other offline payment methods, it’s not uncommon for parents to get behind with payments for bookings. Keeping on top of this is crucial to maintain cashflow but is very time consuming.

Automated payment reminders in Kids Club HQ prompt parents about their outstanding payments and our Credit Control area keep you on top of who owes what and for how long.

Parents keep their own information up to date

How sure are you that the information you hold is up to date?

By giving parents a means of updating their information and the information about their children online, you’re helping the parents to help you keep this information up to date.

Your Kids Club HQ system gives parents the ability to book online and a means of viewing their bookings and updating their information and the information about their children at any time.

Start saving hours each week on admin

Think about how long you spend working on admin and how much Kids Club HQ could reduce that admin. You’re not just saving time, you’re reducing the frustration and stress.

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